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Dog walking around Stroud and the 5 valleys

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As Dog lovers ourselves, we obviously have our own dogs to walk, care for and love. This page is just a small selection of our ever growing album of photos.



Riggs is a very laid back Flat Coat Collie cross, who we were lucky enough to find at an animal rescue centre In 2004. We think he was born in July 2002. A lively lad when we got him, he is now getting used to his senior years although even now thinks he is a puppy every now and then.


Riggs - Enjoying a romp in the Bluebells. He loves to carry sticks when in the woods


The top of Moel Siabold in N. Wales. Riggs' first mountain


A chance to cool off on our Ridgeway Path walk












Kali is one of three Goldies we have had. She was born in October 2004. She is very relaxed and enjoys nothing more than a walk in the woods, where she can follow the scents and burrow in the bushes and shrubs. She does think she makes a good lapdog, despite her size. 



A very young Kali. With a stolen Dummy


 A very Dirty kali and friend Roxy during Garden Landscaping

Kali enjoying burrowing on a walk







Milo is our latest addition. He came to us from a rescue centre in January 2012. We think he was born in July 2010. A lively lad who loves a lot of attention and playing with those staying with us. His favorite game is tug of war with the rope toys. He knows he makes a good lap dog.



Our introduction to Milo at the rescue Centre

Milo soon settles in at home 



 Milo out on his Morning stroll